domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010


1 .- How about if we make hamburgers?
2 .- okay!. we need?
1 .- We need meat and bread
 2 .-  Ok. What else we need?
1 .- We also need vegetables
2 .- Ok. Do we need any drinks?
1 .- No, we don't need. We have soda.
2 .- Ok, I'll go to the supermarket

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

    After the September 26 National Assembly created a plural, plural because they will be disputed sectors of government and opposition, but also plural because if anything the opposition sectors have identity is the heterogeneity that characterizes them.
In Venezuela, on 26 September was a new electoral process, in this case, to elect 165 deputies to the National Assembly and 12 Latin American Parliament.

It was the electoral process, not I remember the number sixteen in the last onces years the Venezuelan political system, whose central figure was no doubt the president Hugo Chávez Frías.

miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Have a Life Purpose

Are you really satisfied with the life you lead?  

Do you know if you're serving a purpose of life? 

Are you truly happy?

There are a large group of people who suffer life. Are those that depend entirely on the circumstances, generally believe that their destiny is in the hands of others and it is useless to make any effort to change it. They are victims of economic, family, politics and other ... its most serious is complain and complain constantly about her life, look at only the negative side of everything that happens and live always looking to blame for their misfortune.
Another group, which is completely opposite to the previous, this belong all those who struggle every day for their ambition, they are relentless and do not complain, but feel that life is like a big battle with the world they have to gain at all costs. They sacrifice their personal lives to achieve their goals, their motivation is to collect and hoard things, money, status or power. Run to get more and more, but eventually realize that they ran out of life and feel empty, something is missing and do not really know what it is. After a mad rush to get what they wanted, but they have no fatigue and, often, loneliness.

There is a third group, the smallest of all, what form those who never forget their dreams, they have very clear priorities, working hard in pursuit of what they want without ever losing his faith and enthusiasm that have projects and goals defined to improve their quality of life, keep the certainty that the universe is always conspiring to help, they know that success does not depend on luck but on their attitude, they have secure and confident that position is assumed with good or difficult situations life presents them, the duty I met with enthusiasm, dreams come true but not obsession, blessings and appreciate and take advantage of opportunities, live life with passion, for everything they do has meaning, you know that are part of a larger plan ... have a life purpose, that is the secret of true success and prosperity.

How to find our purpose in life?
Define your priorities. It is crucial to distinguish between what is urgent and important. Many times what we have left open for later, later becomes the urgency that keeps us from doing what's important. Make a list of all your pending and list them by priority.

Re your dreams. Give yourself permission to return to ring. Rescues some of your dreams and begin to visualize several times a day. Ask yourself, what will I do today to get it. No matter how long it takes ... you may make it a reality. Dream brings back the motivation in life.

Love what you do. Whatever our daily task if we make it with love and passion, will yield positive results. The job is the opportunity that life gives us implement our best qualities, also allows us to share with others the best of each one of us and is the means to contribute responsibly to the collective welfare. When we understand the importance of what we do ... we find this as a motivation to live.
Keep the focus. When our thoughts and actions are the same direction, we became more focused and effective. Define your goals and organize your efforts in the right direction. Do not get distracted so easily ... notes on paper what you want to do and check it every morning, do not start anything new until you have fulfilled your purpose before.

Do not be overcome. Do not let adverse circumstances discourage you or stop you, remember they can only affect us if we let them. Reinforces the confidence in yourself, in your abilities and talents, strengthen your faith in the divinity and remember that everything happens for a reason, let go and accept what you can not change. Keep your course obstacles in becoming a positive part of the process.
Everyone can be successful and happy people, living life with joy, delivering the best of you, so you can leave an indelible mark on the hearts of many people who remember you by your actions and your kindness. Look to the future with optimism and confidence, knowing that the Divine will always be there.
Release the past, do not worry about the future, live for today, life is wonderful, and everything will be fine.

What is your purpose in life?

Nice To Meet You.....!


Hello, my friends, I hope you like my blog in it publishes a brief description of me and some brief reflections on life.

I´m Marian Andreina Vasquez Pirela.
I’m 19 years old, I’m from SANTA RITA originally I'm student of communication at URBE. I like spend time with my family and friends, go to the movies, make cakes

I know that English is very important because it is the universal language and as future journalists should handle multiple languages to communicate with people around the world and learn a little more about them.

This is all folks ....
Sentence ....
Come on, Dare to recognize all the good and positive that other persons Bring Your Life .-